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who we are
RedTag is a growing and dynamic software development company with a team of more than 50 professionals dedicated to working on the projects. We want to be the best in what we do and to work with both the best clients and developers. Our employees are professionals, motivated, and ready to implement your ideas. In order to achieve our goals, we are constantly evolving and believe that success is the result of big teamwork. Our team has a solid foundation of respect, common ground, and support. If you want software for your business, be sure, We highlight your business.


who we are
Long-term cooperation with our customers is our top priority. Therefore, we provide our clients high quality services to meet their needs. We spend a lot of time together, which allows us to create a real team that cares about the result, and the result the same in every part of our planet. Our clients rely on RedTag’s services and solutions, because we help them make the right business decisions.


we help you
Dedicated Team That's how we build long-term strong relationships with our customers. You hire a team and it develops along with you and your projects.
Time and Material Typical state of development, when you might plan on having new updates and features to be added to the particular project.
Fixed Project In case you have all the precise requirements, and designs to build a solution that you need.
  • End to end End to end
  • User Interface & User Experience User Interface & User Experience
  • Software Engineering Software Engineering
  • Business Analysis Business Analysis
  • Research & Development Research & Development
  • Consulting Consulting


who we are
Where to find us
106, Bohdana Khmel'nyts'koho street
Lviv 79057
Gruttersdijk 22
3514BG, Utrecht
030 - 202 1616
401 N Franklin St #5s,
Chicago, IL 60654,
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